CURMUDGUCATION repost: The Test-Centered School

A grumpy old teacher trying to keep up the good classroom fight in the new age of reformy stuff.

Source: CURMUDGUCATION: The Test-Centered School


The Test-Centered School

Posted: 09 Jan 2016 08:44 AM PST

While politicians and policy-makers have made mouth noises about the amount of time spent on the Big Standardized Test and the prep therefor, those elements only scratch the surface of how test-and-punish policy has messed with American schools.

At various times in ed history we have talked about teacher-centered schools, community-centered schools, and student-centered schools. What we have seen over the past decade is the rise of the test-centered school.

In the test-centered school, regardless of what its mission or vision statement may say, test results are the guiding force.

In the test-centered school, there are remediation courses, but these are not remedial courses in the classic sense of trying to help students who are behind in their comprehension of content. These are test prep courses, in which students’ time and attention is devoted to …

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