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Getting Low Income Students to College

Posted: 08 Jan 2016 05:44 AM PST

The issue was raised again last summer in Hechinger’s in a story that in turn called back to a book from 2014, so this is not a new issue. But as Benjamin L. Castleman and Lindsay C. Page noted inSummer Melt

, we don’t just have a problem getting low-income students to aspire to college or apply to college– we have a problem getting them to show up once they’re in.

Back in August, Meredith Kolodner wrote the piece “Why are low income students not showing up to college, even though they have been accepted?

” but August is not the time to think about the problem because by August, it’s too late.

Students are applying. Students are being accepted. And then, Castleman and Page report, 40% of the accepted students just don’t show up at campus in the fall.

This is a problem.

Kolodner reports that financial issues are…

Go here for the rest of the blog post: CURMUDGUCATION

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