Time for Sens. Stabenow, Peters to urge federal investigations in Flint, Detroit

To: Office of Senator Debbie Stabenow – January 4, 2016

Senator Debbie Stabenow <senator@stabenow.senate.gov>

Dear Sen. Stabenow:

“issues of concern to me”

It seems to me you and Sen. Peters have been sadly silent on two important, impactful and quite literally life-threatening
1. As you know, the new Flint mayor and more recently the Genesee County Board of Commissioners have declared a state of emergency. Senator, the people of Flint (adults, children and students) including residential domiciles and business facilities are struggling to cope with poisoned water. This is a tragedy akin to Love Canal, New Jersey and Times Beach, Missouri and it calls for federal action. Something more than just an appearance or press conference would be a start and subsequent actions by yourself and Sen. Peters MUST include using pressure from your office to demand a full and complete EPA investigation into the Flint Water Crisis.  
2. As you also know the Detroit Public Schools have been (and continue to be) managed and operated by 3 consecutive Michigan governors and at least 1 mayor
Justice Department investigation into misuse and misappropriation and malfeasance of state and federal funds in the intervening 16+ years.
I am including a recent public statement by Herman Davis, whom you may likely have met, who is president of the Detroit Public Schools Board of Education.
I implore you Senator Stabenow, for the sake of the pat and present students and employees who’ve come and gone from the DPS and the countless number of students who will enroll in the school district in the future.
Here’s Mr. Davis’ press release below my signature. PLEASE follow up on all of the above Senator… your state needs you and Sen. Peters sincere and committed, involvement in these two serious matters.
Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Salisbury

535 N. Main St., Wayland, MI 49348-1042
Land – 269-792-2996   Cell – 616-644-0327

Two groups, TRUE (Taxpaying Residents United for Education) and CUBE (Citizens United for Better Education) are working together to bring Detroit from under mismanaged and abusive State control, and out into the 21st Century. Here are our working goals and objectives. This is a working document. Like our Constitution, it is subject to amendment as necessary.


The mission of hundreds of tax payers was inspired in part by a mandate community leaders, voters, parents and friends. We demand a return of our schools to local control, to be overseen by a body representative that is elected by the people:

1. Provide the highest quality education to Detroit’s children by restoring music, art, science programs, physical education, smaller class sizes, wraparound support services, after school tutorial and recreation programs and transportation.

2. Restore the school budget by demanding the State repay Detroit taxpayers the $2.1 billion in damages which were caused by State authority, which we will do through a Headlee Adjustment and through restored adherence to the Michigan State Constitution.

3. Hire and retain experienced and qualified teachers and support staff by the full restoration of salary, competitive benefit packages and the step system.

4. Reverse, prohibit, and apologize to teachers for the State contracts which forced teachers to pay the state managed district from their own paychecks.

5. Repair and restore the positive and cohesive relationship with all our collective bargaining units and the community at large that was severally damaged by the Governor and his Emergency Managers.

6. Provide advanced technical training to insure competitive knowledge,
which will prepare Detroit student’s for future industries, including full restoration of Davis Aerospace FAA certification lost under State management.

7. Protect the safety of Detroit students by the full restoration of common sense principles which were relaxed and ignored under State control.

8. Immediately and directly grant the full restoration of the same democracy to Detroit citizens which other Americans enjoy by giving parents, students, taxpayers and neighborhoods a voice in their community again via restoration of a fully empowered, locally elected School Board.

9. To protect all persons with disabilities in compliance with the spirit and intent of the ADA, which includes following the IEP of special education students.

10. Restore community trust through transparency of the operation of the Detroit Public School District and re-establishment public schools as a cornerstone of our neighborhoods.

We, as a group of stakeholders in public education within the city of Detroit, and across the nation are united in the goal to re-establish public schools as a cornerstone of our neighborhood.

The working goals of this excellent group have been affirmed and approved by Detroit’s concerned citizens, parents, teachers, union officials and others including:

State Representative, Rose Mary Robinson
Isaac Robinson, Attorney
Tom Barrow, Citizens for Detroit’s Future
Melissa Love Light, of the National BATS
Tracy Leigh of the DFT Election Committee
Patricia Dowling, DPS Retired Teacher
Thomas C. Pedroni Wayne State University
Earl Rickman, Former President, National Association of School Boards
Tawanna Simpson, Detroit School Board
Elena Herrada, Detroit School Board
Teresa Kelly, Michigan Citizen
Cynthia A. Johnson Stand Up Now
Lewis M. Dickens III, Architect

& Many More Parents, Students and Citizens. If I left off anyone, of those I have seen, forgive me. Thank you for being TRUE to Detroit’s children.

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 12:20 PM, Office of Senator Stabenow <newsletter@stabenow.senate.gov

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