Scrooged: A Lansing Parable | From Michigan Parents for Schools

In what may well be the finest synopsis of the state of public education, including the ghosts of past, present and possibly the future as well, Steve Norton, Executive Director of Michigan Parents for Schools, has prepared very nearly everything parents, students, taxpayers, legislative leaders, elected officials (local and state) need to know about where we were – where we are – and where we all need to be – for the sake of our students of today and tomorrow.  Read it now. Read it again. And by all means then share, discuss and learn! – JLS

Scrooged: A Lansing Parable

As Michigan Parents for Schools begins its tenth year, and since we’re in the holiday season, I thought it might be a good moment for a retrospective on what has been done to public education over the last decade.

Think of me as the “Ghost of Policy Present,” offering to introduce you to the “Ghost of Legislation Past” and a tour down memory lane. Please stay for the tour.

With the turnover of people in Lansing, it is shocking what gets forgotten. But we, the people and parents of Michigan, should not forget. Instead, we must resolve to shape the future in the interest of our children.

The warning flare that fizzled

Our journey starts in the fall of 2006,

Source: Scrooged: A Lansing Parable | Michigan Parents for Schools

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