After 16+ years under State of Michigan management the Detroit Public Schools debt payments mount to unsustainable levels

Based on a present-day observation, except for a brief period, DPS’ situation in the now can only be laid at the fee of three equally incompetent governors and 1 equally incompetent mayor. Why? Because with 16+ years of complete access to the full, faith, credit and authority of at least half-dozen State of Michigan departments – including experts and advisers from treasury, technology, management & budget, health, human services, three branches of government, both House and Senate fiscal agencies in addition to onsite management teams approved by State of Michigan overseers EACH and ALL have been unable to do anything but make the school district worse off that is was in 1999 when this fiasco was initially conceived. Now the question is what to do next? Would that the State of Michigan could go back in time and undo all the damage it’s done. However there simply is no way to turn back the calendar. That said, three former Michigan governors and one former mayor acting on behalf of one of those governors bear the responsibility and the buck(s) stop at their desks – figuratively and literally. And taxpayers are always responsible for the deeds and the misdeeds of their elected officials. Ultimately, the state legislature must make it all right by restoring (as much as possible) the Detroit Public Schools to where they were in 1999. – JLS

Lansing — The debt payments of Detroit Public Schools — already the highest of any school district in Michigan — are set to balloon in February to an amount nearly equal to the school district’s payroll and benefits as the city school system teeters on the edge of insolvency.

Detroit Public Schools has to begin making monthly $26 million payments starting in less than a month to chip away at the $121 million borrowed this school year for cash flow purposes and $139.8 million for operating debts incurred in prior years. The city school system’s total debt payments are 74 percent higher from last school year.

Source: DPS debt payments mount to unsustainable levels

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