Pavlov named most conservative, nominated Michigan Senator of the Year 


Please. Spare us the sanctimony. He cannot name one piece of legislation he’s written, co-authored or supported which reduced the role, power or authority of State Government to dictate to Local Governments what they should or should not be doing. Not one.  A true political conservative is not all about “smaller government” – that is a total misnomer. A true political conservative is all about a less powerful government which exercises limited authority over truly smaller governments such as counties, townships, cities, villages and public school districts. A true political conservative does everything in his/her power to support smaller governments such as counties, townships, cities, villages and public school districts through direct empowerment, local-control and autonomy and revenue-sharing. Direct democracy IS political conservatism.  – JLS

  • By Chris Aldridge Tribune Staff Writer

UPPER THUMB — Sen. Phil Pavlov says he listened to the first few minutes of a podcast naming Michigan’s senator of the year. Then the phone rang.

Had he ignored the call and kept listening, he would have learned his name was tossed in the ring.

“I’m usually on top of things, (but) this is the first I’ve heard of it,” the St. Clair Republican told the Tribune Tuesday.

Reporters at MIRS — the Michigan Information & Research Service, a Capitol news service — in a “MIRS Monday” podcast, Dec. 28, took turns naming their choices for both Michigan’s senator and freshman senator of the year.

Getting the first nod for senator of the year was Pavlov.

“I don’t think any other legislator had as much influence on what came out than Senator Pavlov,” MIRS reporter Jacob Kanclerz said, calling Pavlov’s teacher evaluation bill — SB 103 — “one of the biggest pieces of legislation that moved through.”

“Besides teacher (evaluations) … he is chair of the (Senate) education committee, he stays pretty involved. He’s doing a new series not just focusing on the financial difficulties of schools but the academic side.”

Along with Pavlov, MIRS reporters considered Sens. Dave Robertson, R-Grand Blanc, Goeff Hansen, R-Hart, Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge and Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekoff, R-West Olive. Meekoff would take the honorary title.

Although not dubbed Michigan’s senator of the year, Pavlov still sees honor in the nomination.

“When you do go to Lansing, you are working,” he said. “People don’t always see what I do in Lansing every day. It’s a great honor to be viewed by people who follow Lansing government (in this way.)”

Pavlov, too, called his teacher evaluation bill big and an “important piece of our education policy.”

“When you look at education in the state of Michigan, to me the most important function is the teacher in the classroom,” he said.

He said the bill creates a way to fairly and accurately assess teachers’ performance. The effort was “big” too, he said.

“We took a lot of input, from unions, school management, lobbyists, teachers, superintendents, principals, administration, school boards,” Pavlov said. “We’re evaluating everybody in the system. It’s so important to get it right.”

Days before the holiday, the senator who represents Huron, Sanilac, St. Clair and a small portion of Macomb County, would, however, take a different crown: MIRS named Pavlov the most conservative senator in Michigan.

In a review of 50 select roll call votes, MIRS reported Pavlov never missed a vote in 2015 and voted conservatively 92 percent of the time, more than any other senator.

Without going back to check himself, Pavlov said that sounded right.

“My philosophy is, government is too big,” he said.

He says being conservative is “interesting.”

“What we’re trying to accomplish here is slow down the size of our government and make sure the government is working for our people,” Pavlov said. “Voting for state government expansions is not in the best interest of those in the Thumb.

“I think voters are fed up with liberal politics. You’ll see that because voters have sent majority Republicans to the Senate, House, governor’s office, Supreme Court, Attorney General. The people I work for in the Thumb are fed up with the way that spending is being pushed on them. They want a more responsible government in place.”

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