CURMUDGUCATION blog repost: Why Do the Feds Heart Testing?

A grumpy old teacher trying to keep up the good classroom fight in the new age of reformy stuff.

Why Do the Feds Heart Testing?

It has been a fact of educational life for so long, that we don’t take the question out and ask it much any more, but really–

Why is there a federal requirement to give students a standardized test?

Why has that provision, that requirement, that burden been given the weight of federal regulation? Even as ESSA tore down and ripped up many pieces of federal oversight and regulation, that provision was never in doubt. At best, for a while, there was hope that the testing requirement would be reduced, but nobody ever thought that the federal requirement to make give students a standardized test would go away. And it didn’t.

But why? Why does the federal government believe that an important national interest is served by testing every American school student, year after year?

For the rest of this post go here:

CURMUDGUCATION: Why Do the Feds Heart Testing?

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