New Year’s Resolution: YOU OWE YOU

Thought about making any resolutions for 2016? You know, most resolutions turn into excuses within days or weeks or months. Don’t make any resolutions you already know cannot keep until first you decide what do you want out of your life.

And as Dr. Eric “ET” Thomas, MSU alum and education professor says in this short video… that’s what you can do… earn each day, week, month, year. Earn it for yourself. Not for anyone else.

As Thomas says, you owe yourself that much. No excuses.

Then wake up every day, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, waking up and going after it… whatever IT is.

You owe yourself at least that much… to know what you want for your life… not just for 2016 but for the rest of your life… day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year for as many days, weeks, months and years as you can earn for yourself.

Know what you want.

What do you want in your life?

In your relationships? In your family? In your job and career? In your health?

My resolution which I made a few months ago was, at this stage of my life, health related… to be as healthy as I can be by never again being an “unconscious eater” – to be conscious of and completely understand that “I am what I eat” and when I looked at myself and my weight and my overall health I really had become what I was eating.

I’ve been overweight and on all sorts of medications most all of my adult life. Part of me had resigned myself to being husky as boy, big and tall as a man. Big boned – what a joke. What a loser I’d become. I had my own culture of being a loser and not a winner. I had all sorts of excuses for myself. I let myself down over and over again, when I deserved better for myself.

But after watching two videos – Dr. Eric Thomas (educator, motivational speaker) and Dr. William Davis (cardiologist and Wheat Belly Diet author) I resolved that I wanted to wake up everyday being conscious of what I was going to put into my body whether I was making my own meal, eating something someone made for me or ordering a meal in a restaurant.

And that’s what you can do… EARN each day, week, month, year. Really. Earn it. You owe yourself that much.

Don’t make ANY resolutions until you know what you want for yourself. Just do the work – as “ET” says, do the “grind” – demand the most of yourself and stop letting yourself down – do what you know you need to do.

For me it all starts with a formula for my health… “grains-be-gone + sugar-be-gone = weight be gone” … and as it turns out “meds-be-gone” too!

I owed me… you owe you.


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