Gov. Snyder’s Emergency Manager Experiment — Five Years of Fear

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Since 2011, Michigan cities have been punishing themselves

over Snyder’s bad public policy

Gov. Snyder’s Emergency Manager Experiment — Five Years of Fear

Since 2011, Michigan municipalities and school districts have been operating under the cudgel of Gov. Snyder’s Emergency Manager Law, making reckless budgetary cuts and forming ill-thought public policy decisions based on the mere threat of emergency management. Here at Democracy Tree, we’ve forecast numerous disastrous outcomes from self-inflicted wounds among Michigan communities — the collateral damage from acting out of terror of state control.

It’s All About the Fear

Snyder’s enhanced Emergency Manager Law has been a train wreck — from the ongoing mismanagement of Detroit Public Schools, and its corrupt spinoff, the Education Achievement Authority, to the City of Flint suffering the ill-effects of irreversible lead poisoning at the hands of an unelected dictator — all with the governor’s blessing.

Although, currently only one municipality and three school districts are operating underemergency management, with a number of others in receivership or in a consent agreement, the law’s path of destruction remains devastating.

A Case Study: The Local Emergency Manager “Lite”

While the criminally negligent health crisis unfolds in Flint, other communities are suffering another kind of quiet desperation. Grand Traverse County finds itself in a $58 million hole, with a looming unfunded pension and healthcare crisis — read the rest of the blog post at the link below…

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