Taking a Daily Constitutional Walk

35 degrees here in beautiful downtown Wayland Michigan USA and not getting any warmer from here on today – so no sense in waiting any longer to take in my “daily constitutional” — 56 days in a row now since November starting the day before my 11/2 birthday — guess I’ve made it a solid habit don’t you think?
Oh, btw – tale of the scale was 242.2 this morning – down from 279.9 in mid-August… 37.7 pounds.
Twelve (12) pounds to reach 229.9 what I weighed in 1980 when I graduated from MSU.
Yay WheatBellyblog.com Diet!
Yay “grains-be-gone/sugar-be-gone = weight-be-gone”!
Yay me!
History of the expression “daily constitutional” can be found here:

Source: Walking Off the Big Apple: Taking a Constitutional Walk

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