Mackinac Center news site reports Snyder will propose $715m Detroit Public Schools  “bailout” 

“Rescue those who created bad budgets”? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say that Naeyaert is neither naive nor ignorant. Taxpayers are always on the hook for incompetent elected officials one way or another. In the case of DPS, since 1999 three sitting governors, at least one mayor and multiple “emergency” managers have burned through the district’s then-surplus and spent all its bond money, closed refurbished schools and in all those years that motley crew had access to the full faith and credit of and every imaginable agency in the State of Michigan from the Departments of Education, Treasury, Management & Budget, Human Services, both the House and Senate fiscal agencies, Technology, the State Board of Education, four Michigan Superintendents of Public Instruction and on and on… and STILL with all those resources, cumulatively they’ve made a complete and utter mess of the Detroit Public Schools and more recently thoroughly neutered the present democratically-elected DPS board of education trustees. And through all that time, some 16 years, thousands and thousands of students, parents and employees have come and gone and been short-changed … not unlike the lead poisoning debacle in Flint… and those students will carry the scars of being under the thumb of what we might just as well call dictatorial authority versus local control… for life. Enough is enough. Time for Snyder et. al. to clean up the mess he helped create. – Jeff Salisbury



Michigan Gov. Proposes Bailout of Struggling Detroit Schools


Two years after the City of Detroit went through a highly publicized bankruptcy, Michigan’s governor is proposing a $715 million bailout of the troubled Detroit Public Schools (DPS).

Gov. Rick Snyder’s (R) plan would have Michigan taxpayers pay $515 million to erase the district’s short-term debt and use $200 million to create a new school district for the city. The plan would require approval by the state’s legislature. No lawmaker had submitted a bill as of early December 2015.

Gary Naeyaert, executive director of the Great Lakes Education Project, a group working for education reform in Michigan, opposes a bailout of DPS. He says it would rescue those who created the bad budgets.

“It’s throwing good money after bad to even consider taking $715 million that should be used to educate children all over the state and use it to pay off old debt from the state’s worst-performing district,” Naeyaert said. “It’s simple. We should stick a fork in DPS, because they’re done.”

Read the rest of the article here: Michigan Gov. Proposes Bailout of Struggling Detroit Schools | Heartlander Magazine

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