N’ville students outpace state M-Step scores – gee I wonder why?

Northville students who took the new M-STEP tests outpaced state scores.

Read the Detroit Free Press story here:

N’ville students outpace state M-Step scores


Wondering how that could happen?

In a word: demographics…  http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/26/2658980.html 



From BustED Pencils blog: Wisconsin State Rep. Bob Gannon said what?

In response to a shopping mall shooting, one Wisconsin elected official (probably hasn’t passed the civics test yet) proposed that officials pass a Conceal and Carry bill that “would allow students, faculty and visitors with conceal carry permits to have guns at UW-System schools.”

“Wisconsin does not have a death penalty law, but with significant practice and careful aim, law abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scum bags,” the statement said. “A gang banger in the mall with a gun is going to think twice if there could be a law abiding CCW holder standing behind them fully prepared to shoot center mass, as this is how you’re trained to eliminate the threat these creeps pose to you, your family, and all law abiding citizens unwillingly dragged into their public crime spree.”

Yep!  That’s what he said.

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Source: Wisconsin State Rep. Bob Gannon said what? | BustED Pencils

Michigan Public Radio reports a Virginia Tech researcher accuses state health officials of “hiding” data on Flint’s city water lead poisoning

Marc Edwards, of Virginia Tech University, says newly obtained internal documents show Department of Health and Human Services employees tried to hide evidence that matched the increased lead levels in children found by doctors at Hurley Medical Center.

Go here to read and listen to the report: Virginia Tech researcher accuses state health officials of “hiding” data on Flint’s water | Michigan Radio

Monday Moanin: There can be NO doubt, Gov. Snyder is responsible for water tragedy, public health emergency in Flint


TV political commentator Rachel Maddow reports on the poisoning of Flint, Michigan residents when their water supply was switched, and shows explicitly how responsibility for the tragedy falls to Governor Rick Snyder and his radical, anti-democratic policies.


For this and several other stories related to the tragedy please follow this link… http://townbroadcast.com/?p=6913


My request that Gov. Snyder veto Senate Bill 0013

From: Weir, Elizabeth (GOV) <WeirE@michigan.gov>
Date: Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 8:09 AM
Subject: Executive Office of Governor Rick Snyder
To: Jeff Salisbury <jeffreylsalisbury@gmail.com>

Dear Jeff Salisbury,

Thank you for recently contacting the Executive Office of Governor Rick Snyder requesting the Governor to veto Senate Bill 0013. Governor Snyder appreciates your valuable input and has asked that I respond directly on his behalf.

Governor Snyder will thoroughly review and analyze the bill once it is formally presented to him before making the decision whether to sign it into law.  Michigan is one of only 10 states that have the mechanism for straight-ticket voting on ballots. Governor Snyder is aware of concerns that have been raised by clerks about lines at the polls and part of his analysis will be to review how states without the mechanism have been affected in terms of wait times.  Governor Snyder will have 14 days to make a decision once he formally receives the bill. Please know that he will keep your comments close at hand.

Thank you again taking the time to write.  Please do not hesitate to contact Governor Snyder’s office in the future regarding this or any other state related matter.


Elizabeth Weir, Constituent Relations Division

Executive Office of the Governor