State Legislature leaves fate of 40,000 kids’ education in limbo

The Michigan Legislature has put politics before the fate of 40,000 Detroit children and is leaving Lansing without deciding an education plan for them.

Detroit’s children have heard the governor and other leaders talk about a better plan for their educational future but no one is doing anything about to make it better.

We completed a grand bargain compromise to save a museum and help with city pensions: Where is the grand bargain for children? When will they get our attention and our support so they can give us better futures?

We are all Detroit, as sure as there is a Thanksgiving parade that draws fans across the state, as surely as boys in Petoskey wear Red Wings jerseys, as surely as half the state thrives because of the Detroit-born auto industry.

We are all Detroit, and we better remember to act like it — in times of crisis, but more importantly, when our children need us.


Source – read the full op-ed here: State Legislature leaves fate of 40,000 kids’ education in limbo

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