BustED Pencils’ blog post: Trending News… Religion; Evolution?; Stopped! | 

Fired-Religous Struggle-In Social Studies U.S. History Class. Muslim Teacher Fired After Showing Malala Video http://www.bluejersey.com/2015/12/3-5/  “…disregarding science in favor of a particular religious belief is unconstitutional,” writes Stephen D. Foster Jr.


11-Year-Old Student Sues His Florida Public School For Failing To Teach Evolution https://www.freespeech.org/text/11-year-old-student-sues-his-florida-public-school-failing-teach-evolution


Reading for enjoyment??? What an idea! Teacher: Why I stopped assigning homework… Read more »

Source: BustED Pencils Trending News: Religon; Evolution?; Stopped! | BustED Pencils

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