Dr. Mark Hyman: 8 Strategies to Reverse Skinny-Fat Syndrome

“If I’m not overweight, do I need to become concerned about obesity and other health issues?” asks this week’s House Call. “Even though I drink soda and eat whatever I want, I don’t gain weight. Should I be worried?” The short answer is yes.

How Do You Know if You’re Skinny Fat?

Signs of skinny fat syndrome include family history of type 2 diabetes, early onset of heart disease, or even having a little potbelly.

But signs can also be subtler, and I would rather you test than guess. That is why I strongly recommend blood tests to reveal skinny fat syndrome. Ask your doctor to do these tests (ideal ranges are in parenthesis):

  1. Fasting blood sugar or glucose (normal less than 90 mg/dl)
  2. Triglycerides (normal less than 100 mg/dl)
  3. HDL – the good cholesterol (normal greater than 60 mg/dl)
  4. Blood pressure (normal less than 120/80, ideal less than 115/75)

You might also ask your doctor for these two tests that help detect diabesity and other problems before they become problems:

Source: 8 Strategies to Reverse Skinny-Fat Syndrome – Dr. Mark Hyman

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