Affordable Care Act Q & A: Don’t know the answers? Follow the link to the AARP web site

Does my health insurance plan have to cover certain benefits?

I have a pre-existing health condition. Can I be charged more for my health insurance?

Can my health plan limit how much they will pay toward my covered services?

What can I do if my health insurance plan denies my claim for health benefits that I thought would be covered by the plan?

How can I compare health plans offered in the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Is my employer required to provide me with health benefits?

Can I buy a health plan outside the Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment period?

After I sign up for a health plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace, can I change my mind and sign up for a different plan instead? Once I buy one plan can I change my mind and switch?



Source: Affordable Care Act – FAQ on How the Health Care Law Affects You and Y… – AARP

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