A word of caution to friends of education…

Pardon my little rant this morning ed-friends…
As a retired classroom teacher (who took 13 on-again, off-again, on again years from high school diploma to college ed degree) and a proud, long-time labor leader who still dabbles in such from time to time… but as I peruse a variety of blogs, web sites and Fb groups and the comments found in, after and below them, I am troubled by the bashing that can sometimes extend beyond “Lily” and “Randi”… and which seems, at leastin some cases, to extend beyond a specific leader but becomes generalized to labor unions.
Allow me to add a dash of cautionary spice to the pot of soup…
Bash the NATIONAL leadership all you want when it comes to what we all might view as overly optimistic support for the newest national education law… but leave it there.
Local labor leaders serve the immediate needs of their membership day in and day out in myriad ways.
Point out the way egos of national leaders from all walks of labor and management – public and private sector – get in the way of logic and reason – by all means, point that out. Really. I am all good with that. Been there and done that myself.
But stop right at the precipice please of bashing labor unions, collective bargaining and workplace issues of concerns that can only be heard when educational employees with a variety of responsibilities to provide educational services (transportation, food, custodial, maintenance and classroom instruction & supervision) to children speak up (and out) aided, supported and protected by local leaders from individual buildings to entire school districts.
Be cautious in your criticism.
To do otherwise hurts and hinders but does not help educational employees at all, be they affiliated with NEA, AFT, SEIU and so on.
Thank you.
Jeffrey L Salisbury

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