Teacher “de-professionalization” should scare the heck out of parents unless they prefer ‘teacher-temps’ and ‘computer-learning-only’ classrooms

BOULDER, CO (December 8, 2015) — The current era of deprofessionalization of teaching is tied to an easy-entry, easy-exit approach to the hiring and firing of teachers and to the widespread use of standards-based testing to drive accountability. In a new brief released today, Reversing the Deprofessionalization of Teaching, William Mathis and Kevin Welner describe this landscape and offer a path to restoring teaching as a profession.

Three main forces driving teacher deprofessionalizing are addressed in the brief:

(a) alternative (fast-track or no-track) teacher preparation and licensure; (b) teacher evaluation approaches that are largely focused on students’ test scores; and

(c) scripted, narrow curriculum that can be constricting and demoralizing for high-quality teachers.

For the rest of the story: Teacher Deprofessionalization: Research-Based Options for Education Policymaking | National Education Policy Center

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