From the CURMUDGUCATION Blog: Duncan Remains Relentlessly Wrong

Duncan Remains Relentlessly Wrong

Posted: 08 Dec 2015 10:08 AM PST

This afternoon, Arne Duncan is at the Learning Forward conference to fall on his sword deliver some comments that include his spirited endorsement of the Every Student Succeeds Act. A portion of his remarks have been released,

and they reveal Duncan in fine form as he cheerily supports the bill devoted to repudiating his work, sort of.

The excerpt picks up where Duncan answers the question, “What does this new law mean for your classrooms, schools, and districts?”

He starts by saying there’s a lot to be figured out, and that’s about the last thing he gets right.

The new law will mean that “you can continue challenging your kids to live up to new, higher standards that you have been working so hard to implement.” Which is true. Under ESSA, states are still free

to embrace the Common Core, either in original form or under one of its many aliases.

“You will still measure students’ progress every year, typically with new and much better tests that offer actionable information about students’ learning.”Oh, Arne. We’ve been hearing the promise of new tests that aren’t the same old standardized bubble test crap for over a decade. They haven’t come. They aren’t coming. They are never going to come. No large scale standardized test will ever measure critical thinking

any more than you can measure hurt with a bathroom scale. He repeats the idea that the feds are really pushing for fewer redundant tests. He is full of it.

To find out what he is full of, go to this source: CURMUDGUCATION: Duncan Remains Relentlessly Wrong

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