ESSA Will Not Solve Anything

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the good parts or hate the bad parts. I’m not delighted to see social impact bonds tossed into the mix, nor am I pleased to see the doors opened here and there for performance based education.

I take a bit of pleasure in seeing the ways in which the bill makes extra effort to spank the secretary of education (who has been weirdly trying to save face by repeatedly saying, “Oh yeah, this is what we wanted all along”), and I’m quite happy with the various piecesparts that defang the Big Standardized Test.

It is a mixed bag, a shift of inches in mostly the right direction kind of.

I think Jeff Bryant said it best with, “Go Ahead, Pass Every Student Succeeds Act, But Don’t Celebrate It.”

Because here’s the problem.

The ESSA won’t actually solve a thing.

For the rest of this post – go here: CURMUDGUCATION

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