CURMUDGUCATION: MA: Boston’s Lying Problem


MA: Boston’s Lying Problem

Posted: 04 Dec 2015 11:27 AM PST

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is sad. He seems to be sad specificallybecause he is “taking heat”

But I think Walsh may be sad because of all the lying that’s going on in Boston.

About a month ago in Esquire, Charles Pierce said that Marty Walsh was going “full Scott Walker”

by first defeating an opponent of being a education reform “grifter” who was trying to destroy pubic ed. And then, Pierce said, Mayor Walsh dumped Candidate Walsh and worked out a plan to close down 36 of Boston’s roughly 120 school buildings, taking the BPS total to 90– all part of a cozy partnership with charteristas in MA.

Not so, said the mayor’s office. The Esquire article was untrue and unsourced

— in other words, Pierce was a lying liar who just made this stuff up.

But Pierce’s article linked right back to the blog of Mary Lewis Pierce

(no relation) who had filed the FOIA and posted the documents that showed the driving partnerships behind the mayor’s plan.

So somebody is surely lying. Maybe the blogger Pierce is lying about having the documents. Maybe she made them up. Maybe she never filed a FOIA request, or maybe when she did, somebody who sent her the documentation sent her fake documents. Or maybe Marty Walsh was lying about the allegations being untrue and unsourced.

And Walsh was also sad about that number 90. True, he intended to “consolidate” some schools

, but “closing” is such an ugly word. And he certainly wasn’t going to do whatever it is to 36 schools.

And that was perhaps true, because at the December 15 meeting of the (unelected) School Committee,

only 20 Boston public schools will be merged, closed or taken over by charters.

More here: CURMUDGUCATION: MA: Boston’s Lying Problem

One thought on “CURMUDGUCATION: MA: Boston’s Lying Problem

  1. Just FYI, the info about 20 schools closing on the QUEST page you linked to is from 2010 – hard to pick up from that context, but the fact that it named the previous mayor was the tipoff.f


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