From the Michigan Daily: State representatives may vote on promise zone bills 

The Michigan House Workforce and Talent Development Committee heard testimony Thursday on legislation related to the state’s promise zones as they prepare to formulate a recommendation for the full House, where representatives could vote on two bills in the near future.

The testimony concerned Senate Bill 0539 and Senate Bill 0540, which seek to expand a statewide program launched in 2008. That program aims to cover some or all of the costs of in-state tuition at public schools after financial aid awards with a combination of state and private funds. The bills propose five additional school districts be labeled as promise zones, making a total of 15.

Anna Mooney, deputy chief of staff for Sen. Goeff Hansen (R–Hart), and Brianna McGarry, a legislative assistant for Sen. Jim Ananich (D–Flint), delivered the testimony Thursday on behalf of the two senators, who each sponsored one of the bills.

The Michigan State Treasury supervises the establishment of the promise zones, which currently serve students in 10 high-poverty school districts. Students’ eligibility for these scholarships, as well as the amount they are each eligible to receive, often depend on how long they have attended school in the district, and could also be contingent on factors such as college GPA.

Read the rest of the story here: State representatives may vote on promise zone bills | The Michigan Daily

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