EAA: Gov. Snyder and EMU in cahoots as reform district forms and fails


“cahoots” is a noun meaning from the Urban Dictionary:

1.) To be in league with a crime, or conspiracy. Also to mean in alliance with or secret partnership with.

2.)To be a lover, or someone you like very much. Commonly used by someone how is annoyed or displeases with someone else.

(Note: this is slang, coming from the word/slang “ca” meaning: used to express a certain feeling of fondness for a person. Also the words “hoots” meaning: the characteristic cry of an owl)

“Don’t trust anyone on that road there are often robbers that are in cahoots with each other!”


Gov. Snyder’s education district has failed its transparency test | Detroit Metro Times

Last December, regents for Eastern Michigan University put the Education Achievement Authority on notice, saying that a number of severe problems had to be addressed in the coming year for the controversial school district to remain in existence.Conceived by the Snyder administration as an experimental approach to educating students in the state’s lowest-performing schools, the EAA has been a profound failure since it first began operating 12 Detroit schools as well as overseeing three charters in the fall of 2012.

Unlike every other district in the state, the EAA was created through a little-used state law that allows two units of government to create a new, separate entity through something called an inter-local agreement.

In the case of the EAA, EMU’s Board of Regents and the emergency manager overseeing Detroit Public Schools joined forces to create the EAA. The regents are all gubernatorial appointees, as is the emergency manager.

Source: Gov. Snyder’s education district has failed its transparency test | Local News | Detroit Metro Times

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