Michigan’s Corruption Problem — Time for an Intervention

Several weeks ago we learned that the Center for Public Integrity ranked Michigan dead last in the nation for integrity in governance, earning failing grades in key categories related to campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, and overall accountability. With so little disclosure, Michigan citizens are left in the dark as to whether there is even the possibility of an impropriety on the part of their elected and appointed leaders.In the past three election cycles Michigan’s Supreme Court, considered among the worst in the nation for routinely putting politics above propriety, has wildly outspent other high courts on campaigns — earning yet another distinction of ill repute for the Great Lakes State. In a Brennan Center for Justice report, Bankrolling the Bench — The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2013-14, Michigan again got top billing on the naughty list:

Source: Michigan’s Corruption Problem — Time for an Intervention

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