Job projections 2012-2022 and beyond…

The most new jobs projected for 2022 (and beyond) are expected to be in occupations requiring a high school diploma or equivalent. These occupations are projected to add 4.6 million new jobs. About a quarter of these new jobs will be in healthcare and social assistance. Another major area of projected growth for people with a high school diploma or equivalent is construction, which is expected to add almost 1 million jobs as construction regains jobs lost during the 2007–2009 recession.

The second largest number of new jobs projected for 2022 is expected to be in occupations that do not require a high school diploma. About 4.2 million new jobs are projected for occupations in which a high school diploma is not required. Of these, personal care aides and home health aides are projected to add a combined 1.0 million new jobs.

Employment of healthcare support occupations is projected to increase 28.1 percent from 2012 to 2022, the fastest growth of any major occupational group. Much like the healthcare practitioners group, more than half of job openings in healthcare support occupations are expected to be a result of new jobs rather than of openings resulting from replacement needs.

Home health aides is a major driver of this fast growth, as the occupation is projected to grow 48.5 percent and account for more than one-third of the jobs added within this occupational group between 2012 and 2022. The growing elderly population will continue to require more care as they age because they are more likely to develop health issues and mobility problems. Moreover, many people are choosing to remain in their homes as they age, as aging in one’s home may be more convenient and less expensive than alternatives such as moving to a nursing home or healthcare facility. Home health aides will be needed to help these people with a variety of daily tasks.

Healthcare support occupations tend to have lower education requirements than the healthcare practitioners discussed in the prior section. About half of the jobs that are projected to be created among healthcare support occupations will be in occupations that typically require a postsecondary “nondegree award”; most of the remainder will be in occupations that usually require a high school diploma or less.

In addition to projecting occupational growth—that is, the number of new jobs expected—BLS provides estimates of the number of jobs that will need to be filled in each occupation as workers change occupations, retire, or leave the labor force and need to be replaced. These projections of job openings from replacement needs, when combined with projected job openings from occupational growth, provide a more complete picture of the opportunities job seekers will encounter in the coming decade than is provided by projected employment alone.

Replacement needs exist independently of growth. So if an occupation is projected to gain 1,000 new jobs, and 2,000 people who currently work in the occupation are expected to leave it over the next 10 years, then the total number of positions projected to be available to jobseekers is the sum of the two sources of openings, or 3,000.

Across the economy as a whole, job openings from replacement needs are projected to account for about twice as many openings as those from growth. This means that 2 out of every 3 job openings are expected to be for replacing workers who leave an occupation.

Michigan’s Corruption Problem — Time for an Intervention

Several weeks ago we learned that the Center for Public Integrity ranked Michigan dead last in the nation for integrity in governance, earning failing grades in key categories related to campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, and overall accountability. With so little disclosure, Michigan citizens are left in the dark as to whether there is even the possibility of an impropriety on the part of their elected and appointed leaders.In the past three election cycles Michigan’s Supreme Court, considered among the worst in the nation for routinely putting politics above propriety, has wildly outspent other high courts on campaigns — earning yet another distinction of ill repute for the Great Lakes State. In a Brennan Center for Justice report, Bankrolling the Bench — The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2013-14, Michigan again got top billing on the naughty list:

Source: Michigan’s Corruption Problem — Time for an Intervention

EAA: Gov. Snyder and EMU in cahoots as reform district forms and fails


“cahoots” is a noun meaning from the Urban Dictionary:

1.) To be in league with a crime, or conspiracy. Also to mean in alliance with or secret partnership with.

2.)To be a lover, or someone you like very much. Commonly used by someone how is annoyed or displeases with someone else.

(Note: this is slang, coming from the word/slang “ca” meaning: used to express a certain feeling of fondness for a person. Also the words “hoots” meaning: the characteristic cry of an owl)

“Don’t trust anyone on that road there are often robbers that are in cahoots with each other!”


Gov. Snyder’s education district has failed its transparency test | Detroit Metro Times

Last December, regents for Eastern Michigan University put the Education Achievement Authority on notice, saying that a number of severe problems had to be addressed in the coming year for the controversial school district to remain in existence.Conceived by the Snyder administration as an experimental approach to educating students in the state’s lowest-performing schools, the EAA has been a profound failure since it first began operating 12 Detroit schools as well as overseeing three charters in the fall of 2012.

Unlike every other district in the state, the EAA was created through a little-used state law that allows two units of government to create a new, separate entity through something called an inter-local agreement.

In the case of the EAA, EMU’s Board of Regents and the emergency manager overseeing Detroit Public Schools joined forces to create the EAA. The regents are all gubernatorial appointees, as is the emergency manager.

Source: Gov. Snyder’s education district has failed its transparency test | Local News | Detroit Metro Times

Want Some Facts About Gun Violence? You Won’t Get Them From David Kopel Or The Cato Institute. | mikethegunguy

Want Some Facts About Gun Violence? You Won’t Get Them From David Kopel Or The Cato Institute.

by mikethegunguy

Greg Ridgeway is a statistician turned criminologist who was Associate Director of the National Institute of Justice from 2013 to 2014.  During his tenure he authored what has become something of a cult piece for the pro-gun community, namely, amemo called

Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies, which keeps turning up in various pro-gun commentaries as a basic ‘proof’ that gun-control programs don’t work.  The latest broadside to cite Ridgeway’s document in approving fashion is a report by David Kopel published

by the Cato Institute, a right-wing think tank that has been promoting the pro-gun agenda for years.

Source: Want Some Facts About Gun Violence? You Won’t Get Them From David Kopel Or The Cato Institute. | mikethegunguy

Brookings’ Critique of AERA Statement on VAMs, and Henry Braun’s Rebuttal | VAMboozled!

Brookings’ Critique of AERA Statement on VAMs, and Henry Braun’s Rebuttal

Posted: 01 Dec 2015 07:29 AM PST

Two weeks ago I published a post

about the newly released “American Educational Research Association (AERA) Statement on Use of Value-Added Models (VAM) for the Evaluation of Educators and Educator Preparation Programs

.”In this post

I also included a summary of the AERA Council’s eight key, and very important points abut VAMs and VAM use. I also noted that I contributed to this piece in one of its earliest forms. More importantly, however, the person who managed the statement’s external review and also assisted the AERA Council in producing the final statement before it was officially released was Boston College’s Dr. Henry Braun

, Boisi Professor of Education and Public Policy and Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation.Just this last week, the Brookings Institution published a critique of the AERA statement for, in my opinion, no other apparent reason than just being critical. The critique was written by Brookings affiliate Michael Hansen

and University of Washington Bothell’s Dan Goldhaber

, titled a “Response to AERA statement on Value-Added Measures: Where are the Cautionary Statements on Alternative Measures?

”Accordingly, I invited Dr. Henry Braun

to respond, and he graciously agreed:


Source: Brookings’ Critique of AERA Statement on VAMs, and Henry Braun’s Rebuttal | VAMboozled!

Teacher ‘sickout’ forces DPS to close three schools


Nicole Conaway, a teacher at East English Village Preparatory Academy, said teachers chose Tuesday to “take a stand” against Gov. Rick Snyder’s school reform plans because it is the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusal to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, to allow a white man to have her seat. (Photo: David Coates / Detroit News, file)

Teachers oppose Snyder’s plans to revamp Detroit’s education system

Markeith Jones, 17, a senior at DSA Detroit School Of Arts High School, spoke for students gathered at the press conference.

“Teachers did a sickout because they were fed up with everything that’s happening and coming down from a racist governor and an emergency manager whose only goal is to destroy our schools,” he said. “Students are tired of back of the bus treatment and not being given the resources we need. We’re ready to stand in solidarity with teachers taking action.”


Source: Teacher ‘sickout’ forces DPS to close three schools

The New ESEA: Warning to Parents About Your Child and Military Recruiters | Diane Ravitch’s blog


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (aka NCLB) allows schools to turn over the names and addresses of students to military recruiters and institutions of higher education. The same practice is continued in the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Parents of high school students, please note that you may opt your child out if you don’t want them to hear from military recruiters or others.

Source: The New ESEA: Warning to Parents About Your Child and Military Recruiters | Diane Ravitch’s blog

Steve Singer: We Don’t Need Academic Standards | Diane Ravitch’s blog

Diane Ravitch writes…

Steve Singer, a teacher in Pennsylvania, warns that the standardization movement will crush educators and students. He sees no value in having a single set of national standards. Is there a school that doesn’t teach reading and writing, mathematics and basic skills? No. If there were, taxpayers would soon close it. Should states legislate about evolution? Good grief, no. Either they would legislate not to teach it, or to give equal time to creationism, or they would then think it necessary to legislate their views on every controversial school issue.


Source: Steve Singer: We Don’t Need Academic Standards | Diane Ravitch’s blog

Working Families: Who should the Working Families Party endorse for the Democratic Presidential Primary?

Robert Reich writes – “The Working Families Party – which has gained influence by backing candidates supporting a living wage, paid sick leave, full funding of public education and public services, and a progressive tax of which the wealthy pay their fair share — is preparing to endorse a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, and they’d appreciate your input. Voting begins today and continues for a week, after which time they expect to make a formal endorsement.”

Join the Working Families Party and vote for who we should endorse in the Democratic Presidential Primary!

Source: Working Families

Buffalo Chronicle Reports that Governor Cuomo Might Be Indicted in January | Diane Ravitch’s blog

The Buffalo Chronicle reports that U.S. Attorney Preet Bahrara may indict Governor Cuomo on January 2. The U.S. Attorney won a conviction of Sheldon Silver, the longtime head of the State Assembly, and the head of the State Senate has been indicted. They are two of the “three men in a room” who made all major decisions for New York state. The third man is Cuomo. Watch, wait, and see.

Source: Buffalo Chronicle Reports that Governor Cuomo Might Be Indicted in January | Diane Ravitch’s blog