Exec makes ‘tax cuts or else threat’: ‘Switch’ data center” in Steelcase pyramid is ‘Michigan’s to lose’ 

“It’s Michigan’s to lose,” Adam Kramer, senior vice president of strategy for Switch, said in a telephone interview with MLive and the Grand Rapids Press.

“Pass this and we come. Don’t pass this and we won’t,” said Kramer, one day before the state House Committee on Tax Policy was scheduled to conduct a hearing on three bills that would exempt data centers from paying state sales taxes, use taxes and property taxes.

Switch, which operates giant data centers in Las Vegas and near Reno, is hoping to create a “SuperNap” data center serving the eastern half of the United States in the former Steelcase Corporate Development Center, a 660,000-square-foot pyramid-shaped office building at 4400 60th St. SE.

Over the next 10 years, the data center is expected to employ 1,000 employees of Switch and their clients who will be on site to manage the $5 billion worth of data storage equipment the company plans to install on the site.

Source: $5B Switch data center in Steelcase pyramid is ‘Michigan’s to lose’ | MLive.com

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