Thankful… today and everyday

Grateful for lots of things today and everyday… family and friends present and past… but today especially, for my most famous relative… my 11th great-grandfather Elder William Brewster, the spiritual leader of the Mayflower Pilgrims for it was his patience, persistence and perseverance which allowed him to endure great hardships before and after leaving England and without whom I would not be sitting her today, almost 400 years later contemplating my own sense of personal and family thanks-giving. Today thanks to the efforts of my wife, Penny Bain-Salisbury — whose 10th great uncle George Soule, though not a Pilgrim, also made the same arduous crossing with Elder Brewster and his congregation and who survived to earn his freedom from indentured servanthood to free citizen and who then successfully encouraged his other siblings to come to the Americas in ships that soon followed the Mayflower we are also indebted to as well — we will host our immediate family – Mike Salisbury & Jill Buchanan Salisbury and grandchildren Mitchell and Sarah… Shelly Salisbury Whitley and Aaron Whitley and grandchildren Auston Whitleyand Maddie Whitley as well as Aaron’s parents Terry and Nancy Reed Whitley. One day perhaps we will see Plimoth Plantation and visit both the Brewster and Soule homes there and pay our everlasting respects and thanks-giving to those two families along with all the ancestral families as well as those of the noble Native Americans whose kindnesses and generosity to the families of our ancestors seeking refuge in their lands made and makes our very existence possible. Blessings to all those who came and went before us and to the generations that will follow us all. I hope we can all strive to do right by them each and all and leave a lasting legacy of humble gratitude. – Jeff