Amazing the things you find when you’re not even looking for what you found

Smoking gun emails reveal Blair’s ‘deal in blood’ with George Bush over Iraq war was forged a YEAR before the invasion had even started

  • Leaked White House memo shows former Prime Minister’s support for war at summit with U.S. President in 2002
  • Bombshell document shows Blair preparing to act as spin doctor for Bush, who was told ‘the UK will follow our lead’
  • Publicly, Blair still claimed to be looking for diplomatic solution – in direct contrast to email revelations
  • New light was shed on Bush-Blair relations by material disclosed by Hillary Clinton at the order of the U.S. courts

A bombshell White House memo has revealed for the first time details of the ‘deal in blood’ forged by Tony Blair and George Bush over the Iraq War. The sensational leak shows that Blair had given an unqualified pledge to sign up to the conflict a year before the invasion started. It flies in the face of the Prime Minister’s public claims at the time that he was seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis. He told voters: ‘We’re not proposing military action’ – in direct contrast to what the secret email now reveals.

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More US schools look for alternatives to student suspensions, expulsions

Public school districts from New York, to Los Angeles to Denver among others have moved from discipline policies that  are heavily reliant on suspensions. Even some state governments have taken action: Connecticut limited out-of-school student suspensions and expulsions through the second grade, while Texas decriminalized truancy and Oregon limited when and how suspensions and expulsions can be applied to students up through the fifth grade.

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Schools across US

find alternatives

to suspending students

DALLAS (AP) — The recent arrest of a 14-year-old Muslim boy whose teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb led to widespread ridicule of school officials and accusations that Islamophobia may have played a part.

It earned Ahmed Mohamed an invitation to the White House, where the Irving teen will attend astronomy night Monday. But it also got him a three-day suspension, which he says the district insisted he serve even after it was clear it was just a clock.

Ahmed’s suspension — his parents have since withdrawn him from the school — reflects the rigid disciplinary policies that many U.S. schools adopted in the 1990s. But many districts, including some of the nation’s largest, have been softening their approach, foregoing automatic suspensions, expulsions and calls to the police for one-on-one counseling and less severe forms of punishment.

“When we can’t tell the difference between a serious problem and a non-serious problem with a kid in school, the problem is not the kid: It is us,” said Michael Gilbert, who heads the San Antonio-based National Association of Community and Restorative Justice, which advocates a focus on dialogue instead of punishments.

Four Roses Cafe never fails to impress

My wife Penny and I enjoyed dinner at Four Roses Cafe in Plainwell last night (Saturday evening Oct. 17) and it seems they never fail to impress us with their food and service. Of course I’ve forgotten the server’s name but she was terrific.

But of course the food is more likely what you’re interested in learning about. Four Seasons Cafe’ produces a daily menu – many of the items repeat – but basically management/owners prepare a new menu lineup daily. Very unique.

Penny almost always orders from the appetizer menu and her favorite is the “Mesquite Beef Skewer” with peppers over a bed of rice for $12. The serving is large and certainly enough to qualify as a dinner.

For me, I had a little difficulty picking something that allowed me to stick to my “no grain” low-low carb diet regimen. After a bit of Q&A with the server I selected “Chili-Rubbed Flank Steak with Gorgonzola Sauce”  at $15, which was topped with julienned peppers & onion – and though it came with rice, our server subbed out that out for green beans and mashed squash. The slices of flank steak was piled quite high. Very pleased with the serving size. Nice little “kick” with each bite of the chili-rub. Delicious. No question we’ll return.

Four Roses Cafe is owned and operated by Tom and Jan Rose.  Tom has been in the restaurant business for 25 years and spent the first 12 of his career at Arie’s Cafe in Plainwell. Jan also has extensive restaurant experience.  She worked in many top area restaurants and puts a very strong emphasis on excellent customer service.

Tom and Jan have traveled extensively and love to try new and local cuisine.  They have brought many of these flavors to their dishes.Tom is responsible for the operations of Four Roses Cafe and the hiring and training of the culinary staff.  Jan focuses on front staff recruitment and training.Tom and Jan live in Plainwell with their family and support local businesses and charities.

Four Roses Cafe’ is located at 663 10th St., north of downtown Plainwell, near the municipal airport.

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