Too little. Too late. Save your apologies!

“Save your apologies:
BARBARA BYRD-BENNETT who took stolen school money to the casino; ROBERT BOBB, whose company profited from closing schools;
ROY ROBERTS, who let a pedophile run free and closed Oakman;
JACK MARTIN, who conceived the idea of Coalition for Detroit’s Schoolchildren; and DARNELL EARLEY, who got paid for poisoning Flint School children. These are not educated honorable black people, but Oreo tokens who believed their own hype, were hired to be thieves and colluded to regurgitate lies! Kevyn Orr said the hardest thing about being an emergency manager was getting out without an indictment.
Apology not accepted, GET OUT!
Don’t come back.”
– LaMar Lemmons​ – President, Detroit Public Schools, Board of Education

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